Justin Morneau: AL MVP of the 1st Quarter

BP Morneau Justin.jpg

Yeah, yeah, they don’t give out quarterly awards the way schools give out quarterly grade reports.  Nevertheless, the numbers say that the American League’s most valuable player of the first quarter of the season was Justin Morneau.

Morneau has been an OPS machine so far this season.
One of my fantasy teams is riding him.  But no one should care about that.
No, the thing to care about is that his performance thus far is way, way more impressive than his 2006 MVP season, and he is, unbelievably, overshadowing Joe Mauer.  
On the other hand, and I’ve said it before, Morneua plays first base while Mauer is a catcher for goodness’ sake!

One comment

  1. twnzfan

    Justin’s got my vote! Amazing start and he’s been great on defense as well. Not sure where Joe’s power has disappeared to. They didn’t give him all that money to hit singles. Still, there’s a lot of season to go. Go, Twins!

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