Griffey’s Retirement

I have nothing really to add to it, other than that having watched a lot of Mariners’ games since April 14, it was very apparent that he was having trouble getting around on fastballs, and that made me wonder if, indeed, it was time for him to hang it up.  

I’ll miss him being in the game, though I was 21 or so when he was a rookie, so, unlike some younger fans, I remember baseball before Griffey and thus it isn’t quite like I’ve suffered an amputation.  (That feeling I remember from when Dave Parker and finally John Candelaria retired. Tony Gwynn, too.  Kirby Puckett, too, though, when younger, I was much more of a National League fan than I am now, and so I identified much more with NL teams and players.)
For more on Griffey’s retirement, here are some links, all courtesy of the three great national baseball blogs, Big League Stew, The Daily Pitch, and Hardball Talk.
And, of course, there’s this item from
He’ll be missed, but in five years we can all remember him anew when he becomes a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer.

One comment

  1. angelsgirl012

    I’m sad that i wasn’t able to see his glory days. (’90s kid) However I know enough to understand his greatness. Not just that pretty swing either. The nice smile and the backwards hat! What a player πŸ™‚ Hall of famer for sure! can’t wait for that πŸ™‚

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