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Oliver Perez A Laughing Matter for Jerry Manuel

Jerry Manuel cracks jokes at Oliver Perez’s expense.  

The guy who should really, really feel like a fool is the guy who gave Oliver Perez the contract that (1) allows him to refuse assignment, and (2) pays him $12 million for 2010.  
Perez’s numbers are, uh, brutal thus far this year; his peripherals tell an equally ugly story:  0.91 K/BB ratio, a BABIP (.313) that shows him being unlucky against his career rate (.287), and while he’s getting more groundballs, he’s also seeing a higher percentage of the flyballs he allows leave the yard.  His xFIP is lower than his ERA, but not by much.
So, returning to the whole the guy who should feel like a fool is the guy who gave Oliver Perez his contract, that guy would be Mets’ GM Omar Minaya.  As Bugs Bunny might say: “What a maroon!”  It’s GM-ing like this that has had Jerry Manuel on a managerial hot-seat this year.   If Manuel is eventually let go, then the Mets’ front office should go as well.
In other Oliver Perez news, he did manage to see action in last night’s debacle in San Diego, working two mop-up innings in the Mets’ 6-18 loss in San Diego.  Yes, the Padres scored 18 runs on one game.  No, I don’t think it’s the drinking water.  Yes, there’s always some new surprise during the baseball season.  No, Oliver Perez did not look sharp (2 2/3 IP, 4 H, 1 BB, 1 K, 2 ER).
UPDATE: Oliver Perez will not be released.  So the Met’s front office just doesn’t get the notion of sunk cost (and the accompanying sunk cost dilemma), huh?  Or do they seriously expect Perez to get better while he refuses to take on work that might actually help him improve?  Or do they figure that his presence in the clubhouse will be a positive thing since it gives Jerry Manuel something to joke about and the rest of the ballclub an “other” from which they can differentiate themselves (unity through ostracism) ?  Whatever it is, Minaya seriously deserves consideration for World Baseball Executive of 2008-2010.

Those “Barely Managing”

Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports give us a list of those who are “barely managing” in the Majors.

Jerry Manuel and Lou Piniella both make the list, but that’s no surprise (though the GMs and some other team execs probably need the boot in those two organizations as well).  Also unsurprising are the presence of Dave Trembley (BAL) and John Russell (PIT).  Don Wakamatsu is on the list, but the offense the Mariners game him is so wretched as to make me wonder about how apt that is.  A. J. Hinch of the D-Backs is there, but is it really his fault his bullpen stinks to high heaven?  Ozzie Guillen makes the list..no comment on that one.  Ken Macha (MIL)…maybe, but he’s got a totally one dimensional (read: hitting) ballclub; no one was deluding themselves into thinking that the Brew Crew could actually prevent runs, were they?    Fredi Gonzalez?  Don’t know about that, though his “feud” with Hanley Ramirez could spin out of control.  Finally, Ron Washington’s name only belongs on this list if he’s doing coke again, since the Rangers aren’t bad, and will likely get better.  
Overall, about 50/50 on the list.

Jerry Manuel Reportedly Not Worried About Job

CBS Sports reports that Jerry Manuel denies being worried about losing his job as manager of the New York Mets.  Mets’ chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon says that firing Manuel isn’t on his agenda.

Hmm.  If this were politics, Manuel would be on his way out for sure.  You know, politics, where presidents say so-and-so retains my full confidence just days before so-and-so hands in his or her resignation.  
So I am not sure how to interpret this “news”, but since it’s the Mets, I am entirely unsure as to whether anything presented for public consumption bears any resemblance to what we commonly refer to as “truth.”

Lou Pinella and Jerry Manuel on Very Hot Seats, But…

First, the story in general.

Second, specifics on Pinella, courtesy of Ken Rosenthal.
Third, some specifics on Manuel, courtesy of Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post.
Fourth, while interesting and certainly fodder for discussion, “First Pitch Strike” thinks that both organizations are a disgrace and whole lot more people, lots of them in the front offices in Chicago and New York, need to walk the plank as well.  These are premier organizations in large markets with enormous revenue streams and very big payrolls.  There is no excuse for either the Mets of the Cubs to be failing and flailing.  None.
When I polled my baseball fan buddies about the worse run organizations in the Majors, the top five responses were (in no particular order): Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Houston.  While Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Houston certainly aren’t well run, they at least have some excuses that the Cubs and Mets don’t have: smaller markets and smaller revenue streams.  
So, if you’re gonna’ advocate axing the managers of the Cubs and the Mets, you have to be consistent and advocate the gutting of their front offices as well. How the Mets’ GM hangs on is some kind of mystery to me, anyway.  But Wilpon, the Mets’ owner, has some judgment issues, you know?